While in secondary school, Art was one of my favorite subjects. BTW I went to FGGC Sagamu, the best school in the world PRO UNITATE, if I do say so myself hehehe.
And one of the very first things you learn in Art is colours, primary, secondary & complementary colours. So, when it came to the choice of colours for this outfit and how to combine them, I didn't give it a second thought.

Welcome once again to my blog and I hope you all are having a wonderful week so far?

Most people would definitely run away from these two colours as it gives the Christmas vibe (Is anyone counting down like me? I can't wait). Anyway, like I was saying, it's quite daunting having to combine these two colours but there are tricks to pulling off red and green. I'm one of those people who feel some type of way about red, and I will tell you here, my courage was only overcome knowing that I could combine it with some other colour.

To be able to pull off red & green in the chicest way possible, it has some guidelines that you may like to follow and the most important guideline of all is that you need a degree of finesse and style to pull it off. Once you are sure that you've got what it takes then you go for the kill.

Secondly, the shades of colour have to be different. I'm talking one colour shade should be darker than the other so you don't seem like a colour clash to the eyes.

Thirdly, break up the colours with a neutral colour that's either white or black. For this outfit, I went with my black purse styled here and nude bcbg pumps herehere and here and to cinch my waist for a more defined figure this faux leather belt styled here and here. Added styling tips include using one colour as an accessory example shoe, or bag so you don't look overly red or green and finally you don't want to miss this one, wearing them as separates to add texture to the look. For me I decided to go with a pleated skirt. I preferred the pleated skirt in silk as it was well suited to my form and had flow.

 I played mine up with this beautiful red turban piece and lace choker from juliettsstyleglam order here for €10. One of the newest to my collection. And before I sign off these wonderful photos which I've been taking lately is in credit to my 8yr old. The boy has got fine eyes for detail. He just ousted his dad as my photographer and he keeps getting better everyday. You need to see him directing me on my poses and how to move towards the light or away. It really comes to them so fast. I'm so proud of him.

And on that note mes amores, Je vous aime fort and thank you all for all the beautiful comments you left on the last blogpost.

Bisous .....



  1. Awesome my dear 
    I invite you to visit my blog
    Have a good day <3

  2. Gorgeous choice of colors. You look beautiful!
    I just followed your lovely blog (#10). Hope you follow back and let's keep in touch.

  3. Wow, you look great, girl! Super stylish!
    Those colors looks really amazing on you!

  4. Incredible colours! Your eyes look so sexy especially when u look down, and ur lips look beautiful. ;) x x x


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