Welcome back loves. I had it rough last week hence I had to skip a post (sorry) My son is preparing for his First Holy Communion, so it's both exciting for us and a lot of commitment.

I hope you're all doing great and you're settling in for fall nicely. Over here the weather man is on vacation, alors on en profite (So, we take advantage).

Today's post will be quite brief as my eyes are resting on my head, I'm trying so hard not to sleep.

As you all know I'm a dress wearing girly, I love them despite being a tomboy growing up, Incredible !!!!! . The truth be told I've got mixed feelings concerning swing dresses as I believe the wrong fit cold make the whole look go left. That said I didn't balk when I saw this one from Molly Bracken. the fit was very precise, and the pleats just got me as most swing dresses aren't pleated. I also fell hard for the beautiful white bird print designs and peter pan collar it came with.

For styling I had the option of wearing these beautiful booties, I'm crazy over them. (What about you?) to give that very chic appearance to the look. I didn't want to do black or white as it would be very obvious styling so we voted for nudes and the second option was these beautiful pair of #sliponsneakers I got for €7 for the laid back casual look.

Which look would you go for ?

Alternatively, in a situation where the weather could decide otherwise, take a jacket with you or blazer to keep warm especially in the evenings, accessorise with lots of dainty jewelry for added sophistication, I chose ivory bangles from H&M. You could also go for a boho look with low heeled boots  and a large bag (tote or bucket, you decide) I opted for this beautiful sequinned purse which was gifted me by my hubby and I kept the make up fresh.  ha ha.

How would you alternatively style your swing dress?

And on that note loves,  je vous aime fort.




  1. girl, you look gorgeous! i love this dress!

    dahi from strangeness-and-charms.com

  2. You look so pretty and feminine in this dress <3


  3. Those booties definitely caught my eye and the swing dress looks good on you! So fresh and breezy. I would most likely pick the more feminine look since I'm loving those booties. Lol


  4. I love your dress and your make up is perfection!!!
    Love, Paola.

  5. Dear Juliet! I love this dress on you and it looks fantastic with both styles you share here! Can't decide which look I love most :) And I know the first holy communion is really time intense - wish you already today that you will have a wonderful day! Enjoy this weekend!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  6. You look amazing. Love your dress and those nude boots are so fabulous.

    March and May

  7. Oh my goodness babe! Could your skin look any more flawless in these photos? You are positively glowing and gorgeous! I am loving the look of this swing dress too. Looks so comfy. Glad you we're able to LOL during my last post and 3 month old laundry =P

    Rina Samantha

  8. What a stunning dress! I love how you changed it up with these different shoes.


  9. So gorgeous!! I love a good comfortable dress, but also stylish. The added boots is hot.



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