What's popping fine people. I hope you're all doing great. I recall a famous proverb which says " A good name is better than silver & gold". I've seen that proverb in action & I'll tell you why this proverb started this post as we move along.

Anyways back to today's post, if you recall in this post, my love for this. You wouldn't be surprised seeing another black ensemble on my post here and here or here. I've always had love for sweaters & you all know that the cold months is the favorite time of the year for me, right? Okay so I've got quite a number of sweaters not a whole lot but... anyways, and I like to get creative with them. For me sweaters can be sexy be it oversized, or small and these days I'm beginning to appreciate the oversized . Don't blame me, blame Fashionnova whom I'm not going to be writing a lot of nice things about even though I love their store items.

Okay back to the gist, I decided to restyle this beautiful sweater from United Colours of Benetton which I love so much because of the way they use colours. One store I know you can find good quality coats & sweaters, in different vibrant colours and they have stuck to that niche for a long time. I guess that's why the name. Don't you agree?

I'd previously styled this sweater  and if you recognise it please do let me know in the comments sections below and it hit me on how you can restyle your sweater in winter and come out looking so chic.

1. Flip the sweater backwards. Yep, that's exactly what I did in these photos, leaving the top button open for that chic effect. It gives the sweater a large boat neck effect & high neck vibe. And guess what you still remain warm in your neck area. I'm one of those people who feel cold around my neck.

2. Tuck the front section of your sweater into your pants or skirt as you wish. See here

3. Worn normally or flipped back, you could wear it as a cold shoulder . If it's got buttons like mine, undo two buttons and you're good to go.

Do you have or know any other styling tips?

I wore this sweater with a black canopy jeans from Fashionnova and these beautiful deep red pumps styled previously. I accessorised with gold plated rings & gold body tattoos and handbag. Talking about Fashionnova brings me to the issue that started this post. You see a lot of brands forget that their value is actually their customers & when the money begins to roll in, they forget instantly who made it happen.

I love Fashionnova clothing items and when I have to pay extra charges to purchase from their site, I really don't care cos they got clothes that are out of this world at very affordable prices. As much as I would love to make some money from them by offering you a discount code of 25% via this link, I would tell you in all honesty all the things to expect.

The website is never updated, which means you will possibly buy stuff that's no longer in stock and then they offer you a stupid e-gift card for a next purchase and no refund is made, they'll ship your items super quickly the first time you purchase & after that the next item takes forever to get to you. I'm still waiting for the pair of boots I purchased way before Christmas. #GODHELPMEIMLOSINGMYPATIENCEWITHTHEM and lastly a non existent customer care line that you never get to talk to anyone. All form of inquiry is via email.

If you're cool with all of these then please feel free to support me and use this link to make your purchases with them for a 25% discount on all your purchases.

I've told myself that while as bloggers we do a great job, it's easy to fall prey and follow the band wagon in the trail of lies & deceit that haunts our society.

Love you all & see you all in my next post.



  1. Beautiful outfit, but this sweater is my favorite ^_^

    Happy New Year, dear :*

  2. I love your idea of flipping the jumper back to front, you wear the style SO well! I also adore oversized jumpers, they feel so much cosier and warm throughout the winter :) Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

    ps. Love your honesty about Fashionova by the way! x

  3. That pop of burgundy plum from your shoes really makes this outfit amazing!

    Raindrops of Sapphire

  4. Your look absolutly amazing! Fantastic photos!
    Would you like to follow each other? Follow me on Blog and Google+ and I'll follow you back!

  5. Black is always a good choice and you look really chic in it. And I'm in love with your make-up :-) Take care, Marta

  6. Impeccable style. So chic. Love this outfit, You look so beautiful. xoxo Cris

  7. Dear Juliett, I see it doesn't really make sense to buy something at Fashionnova :) Thanks for your honest experience. And I see further that you like sweaters as much than I do! Thanks a lot for your styling tips. I change the look of a sweater with wearing for example a shirt or tee under it - a turtleneck under a sweater makes in my opinion also another look. You look fabulous here and I agree that you can buy great stuff at Benetton! Have a happy new week!
    With love, Rena

  8. What a fabulous look! You're slaying your makeup too; love it!

    Funmi xx

  9. Nice look, he shoes and the bag are perfect accessories for this outfit!
    Wish you a beautiful evening.


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