Hello wonderful people and I hope you're all doing well. You'll have to excuse me for this undue absence on my blog.

I really wish I could talk about it but I really can't as the process is quite a long one and I'm not sure how I feel about sharing what is happening to me right now.

Okay with whatever is going on with me aside, I don't think I've ever shared my love for reading books here with you. So here it is I'm an ardent book lover and reader. I go from romance, erotic romance to adventure to weird you name it and the problem with me is once I start it's hard to stop. It's what made up a very big part of my growing up years and I'm glad. So this has also helped in keeping my sanity in check somewhat.

So back to today's post, the trends haven't given up on us have they? We are gradually moving from   slim cut pants to wide leg pants and I ain't mad. I'm all for slim cut pants anyway as I think they I've off both a chic and laid back look.

The beauty with wide leg pants is how beautiful you can transition them by just switching your top for what you want. From a work wear shirt after a hard day at work to a sweater and or strap top for evenings with friends or dinner.
Amazingly I don't usually opt for wide leg pants when it's really cold, another subject on the weather which is so frustrating. The weather in Europe has never left me so confused as I am right now. One second I'm all chic and class the next I'm wearing doudounes up to my hynnies. It's actually snowing in February here (I'm so confused it hurts). I went from having fun with squirrels that play around in my back yard to wearing fuzzy warm boots in less than 24hrs and all my bird singing friends just jumped ship and left me hanging. ( the little traitors, they have no loyalty at all)
But these pants which are actually Luis Civit, kept me warm I was shocked. I don't know what they used in the fabric and it was so comfortable I just wanted to keep them on all day and they really do have very chic clothes too.

Anyways, with wide leg pants I usually stick to high heels and pointed toe shoes, I feel it's the best way to wear them though. And here's to my petite sisters, stick to high heels as it gives ample height to your look and will definitely make eyes turn where you are. I combined it with this lovely off-shoulder pink sweater which I've had for quite a while now. I paired the entire look with my beautiful Shoes/ Escarpins Sabinel by heyraud and my favorite leather clutch bag styled herehere and here. I think my chignon did justice to the look, Don't you agree? ( wink).

What do you think about Wide leg Pants? Do you like them, or you have your moments with them?

Talk to you all soon



  1. These pants suit you so well! Fabulous girl!
    Kisses, Paola.


  2. These 2 colors together look so nice!! Love your makeup too.

  3. These wide leg trousers look lovely paired with the pointed shoes, a match made in heaven! Also crushing on that gorgeous colour combination of navy blue and pink. You look gorgeous!! x

  4. Great fit, I love the pants and I LOVE the pink jumper. I hope everything is ok. You look amazing!!!

  5. Looking wonderful Juliett!! I'm in love with your pink sweater so much and the neckline. Great fit with the pant. I would've probably styled it effortlessly like you've too.

  6. Dear Juliett, for sure I love wide leg pants and your combo is perfect including the fantastic colours you combined! And I love it also you are a book lover than I :) I hope the process you are going through is only to your best ...
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  7. ohhh love love this color combo!!
    kisses from the sandpit of dubai ❤︎

  8. You look so elegant and your accessories are gorgeous too. You styled those pants perfectly. xoxo Cris

  9. Those shoes definitely went perfectly well with the pants!

  10. Hi dear,you look beautiful. Am a huge fan of knits

  11. I love this hot pink sweater with these navy wide leg pants. Superb combo!

  12. I likw the colour against your skin. Your shoulders look gorgeous in this and wow are your eyes and lips so sexy. ;) You are so hot!! I like your hair like this too. x x x x


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