I usually say fashion is art and most times I say that to buttress the point on the beauty and the style and the creation. This year saw the fusion of art and culture in fashion with the comeuppance of ethnic styles. Even when the fashion greats of Christain Lacroix, Dries van Noten, Vivienne Tam all graced the runway with their ethnic styled themes, I didn't notice. It didn't connect with me until the person in the form of Laolu Senbanjo in 2018 became Nike's designer for the Air Max. I had actually noticed him earlier as being the artistic director for Beyonce's music video for 'Sorry'.

You see as one who is into the arts if I must say so myself, Art is more compelling for me if I can connect to the story behind it. Laolu did that with the 'Art of the Ori' and infused that into every facet of his work. So it came as a surprise when my husband got me this lovely outfit made by his sister for me on his last trip to Nigeria. Yeah, he noticed, I'm actually surprised. I just kept rambling on and on about ethnic designs and styles and having something as in-depth as Laolu Senbanjo's work. I'll just say he tried his best and I'm impressed.

Do you like ethnic styles? If so what's your attraction to them?
How would you style yours?

The dress was made for me by a couturier in Nigeria  Cotonou precisely. I wasn't really sure how to proceed with this one cos it was a gown. When he told me about the outfit, I was thinking it would be a long shirt dress or T-shirt to make a statement, but alas he bathes me with the ethnicity from head to toe.

The sleeves of the dress drew me in cos I'm loving the extra-large sleeves trend, balloon sleeves, the bell sleeves, you name it so this one suited me just fine as it does well to hide my large upper arms.
The rich deep red colour gave the reason for the silver hair. I thought no better way to actually make the statement more noticeable, right?

I accessorized with silver hematite jewelry designed by yours truly, rose blush pumps and lovely green & beige clutch of which I paid homage with my makeup look.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this one, so don't fail to leave some magic before you go.


  1. Oh, dear Juliett, it is wonderful your husband's sister made this wonderful look for you! It is perfect and looks like made from a designer. The shade suits you very well and I see you are so happy in this look. Thanks a lot for sharing!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  2. Such a gorgeous dress, i love the prints , and yes i am a huge fan of ethnic prints .


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