By juliettsstyleglam - October 16, 2019

Capri pants have been around since the 1950s and have come and gone in fashion. These types of pants have been considered to be difficult when it comes to styling. However, like all things in fashion, there’s a way of styling capri pants. Capri pants can be described as tapered pants with a hemline that sits close to the legs. When styling capris, it is important to remember that the length of the pants can make or break your look. Capri pants need to end above your ankles. Often shorter women have problems styling capri pants, but the trick to keep in mind is to opt for shorter capris and reveal more skin as that elongates the legs. 
For both tall and short women, the most important rule to remember is that capris should land at the thinnest part of your leg. Now let’s discuss how to wear and style capris for a flattering look.

Since capri pants come in a wide variety of colours, they are a great way to brighten up your wardrobe. This look is for all those looking for a laid back yet effortlessly chic ensemble. Another trick to add length to the body is to tuck in the shirt into the capris.

While capri pants are mostly associated with informal attire. Here we see a spin on that by pairing capris with a blazer and turning the look from informal to formal. This outfit is perfect for all the working women out there who want a break from the monotonous pantsuit. 

Fear not capris lovers, there’s a pair for every occasion. Here is the perfect ensemble for girls that love the outdoors. Ideal for lounging around as well as outdoor sports, cargo capris paired with a black tank top is both comfortable and stylish.

Another example of a wide variety of capri pants. These striped capris paired with a white shirt are the perfect summer outfit. To spruce up your look from laid back to elegant, pair your capris with a similar tone of heels.

A form-fitted capri pants are best to show off your curves. This plain black capris paired with a striped crop top appears to be very on-trend. Pairing capris with a crop top gives you the opportunity to also pull out your favourite belt for accessorizing the look.

For a fun day out, pair your white capri pants with a bright and bold shirt. Here we see an ensemble ideal for summer and spring. The red oversized shirt greatly complements the white capris and balances out the overall look. Since this look is very simple, it is a great idea to pair it up with colourful bangles or even hoops to amp up the attire.

This look is for all the floral print lovers. This attire just screams spring to us. Pairing the busy print with a plain white tank top definitely pulls the whole look together. 

Do leave some pixie dust before you go.

Allie Sporer for juliettsstyleglam

Allie Sporer is a creative fashion stylist currently associated with a reputed store Calibre Apparel that works exclusively with Top American Brands

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  1. I wish it was warm enough here to wear capri pants! I love wearing them with heels!
    Soph - x

  2. Oh, I have to admit I love capri pants and therefore I would wear all the looks you show here. Maybe I like these kind of trousers because I'm short?
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

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  4. Floral printed capri pants are so beautiful! I also love capri pants!!


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