Imagine being on a marathon for the last couple of days or so and then you schedule a post and realise the post didn't go up. Dang!!!!! Pardon my French.

How are you all doing this lovely day. I've being itchy to get this post out as this is one post that I'm so in my element. If you know me you will know that when it comes to colours I'm a straight jacket. I do blacks, whites, nudes and blush. That said I'm not averse to colour. 

My dad was my achille's heel when it came to black, cos at the university he thought I was into a group since all my outfits were black. I'm going to tell you guys some of the reasons I always wore black and why black is the colour to have.

I also remember that black had always been a colour that signified evil or sorcery and was the significant outfit for mourning. I agree but 'helluuur, I beg to differ', because this colour you see right here is a life saver. When Coco Chanel baptised her collection "the little black dress" and " the little black jacket" recently the subject theme at Saatchi Gallery (you go girl) she was obviously a visionary and a rebel and I love rebels. I'm one too. hahaha. W all know the story of this iconic woman and the path she has paved for Fashion & Style.

"Black is modest and arrogant at the same time. Black is lazy and easy, but mysterious. But above all black says this I don't bother you, don't bother me" - Yohji Yamamoto

For me when it comes to black the attraction is so difficult to ignore. See and visualise so many outfits that black could do for me; like I said earlier, it was and is my mantra at the university cos 
1. It was such an easy colour to wear with anything. I could wear the same dress for a week and no one would notice as I'd just change my shoes and accessories and have a different look.
2. The colour for me was very mysterious. I remember then a couple of guys found it difficult to approach me as they couldn't just fathom what I was all about and I had this demeanour of a never smiling girl and usually focused with what I had to do and where I was going.
3. It's a figure flattering colour cos no matter your shape, the colour camouflages well. Any sisters in the house agree with me? haha and stains didn't stand a chance with this colour. How dare they??
4. It's a colour that helps you blend in whatever the occasion. It could be business or casual, you'd still win.
5. It helps you experiment with crazy fabric. 🖐 I am a fabric buff, I actually go fabric hunting so I'm a living testimony hehehe.
6. You always look kind of dressed up even when it's not much. Anyone remember Angelina Jolie and the H&M dress? Exactly
And finally Black is fashion. All haute couture houses and retail stores all fall in on this colour. Whatever the time and season, you'll find yourself a little black dress, pants, jacket. You name it. 

In today's post, I'm wearing a body styled here, similar here with this beautiful chiffon slit skirt. Accessories were this lovely beaded belt which I've had for years and I'd been meaning to throw it away till this post (imagine my good fortune) and a pair of yellow pumps by Burton of London that cute black purse gifted by hubby. Jewelry by Juliettsstyleglam.  

What do you think of this colour? Moi je l'adore beacoup pour lacher and on this not hunnies, have a great week.




  1. Gotta love black on black!! It's a timeless classic in my book and one can never go wrong with it. You look gorgeous and hot madam Juliett. I love it a lot.

  2. Oh wow, you look so glamorous - I love this look! The asymmetrical cut of the skirt is super flattering and I'm absolutely on board with the concept of an all-black outfit :)

  3. Wow, great legs babe!
    You look fab in total black Juliett!
    Kisses, Paola.


  4. You look super hot. That outfit is so beautiful and you are right some outfits can look different and with a different accessory it can turn into a total different outfit. Loved it. xoxo Cris

  5. Dear Jolie, your dad obviously was in sorrow with you :) But I agree to everything you wrote about the advantages of black! I often wear single black pieces but very rarely a complete black on black look. Nevertheless you look adorable in your black look - so elegant and absolutely beautiful and stylish!
    xx Rena

  6. You look stunning! Amazing shoes! 💛💛💛

  7. Black on black is always amazing. You look amazing honey.

    March and May

  8. I love’s always in season! Love the pop of yellow with this look

  9. The cut of that skirt is super sexy dear!

  10. Looks so interesting! Thanks a lot for the post)

  11. Looks so interesting! Thanks a lot for the post)

  12. What I love about black is that it never goes out of style. Looking good in this all black ensemble.


  13. I think black is such a classy and timeless colour and I adore how you've styled these pieces together. Your makeup is so on point too :)

    Rachel xx

  14. Happy start into the weekend, dear Juliett!
    xx Rena

  15. You've got beautiful eyes! :) And I love the way you've styled your outfit!

  16. Juliette, you look fabulous in black... the skirt is sexy and pretty♡♡♡

    I missed out on some of my favorites while I was off blogging... I'm slowly getting back into it ♡♡♡ xox

    1. Good to see you again Launna & I'm so happy you're back

  17. beautifull dress dear realy its look amazing love your black.. online shopping in pakistan

  18. You look so fierce, I love your hair!

  19. Oh this is SO chic! Love the black combo!

    Raindrops of Sapphire

  20. I've been getting a lot into black lately. It's super chic, perfect to accessorize with colorful statement pieces and just looks awesome!
    You look beautiful! Your outfit is the bomb.

  21. Happy new week, dear Juliett!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  22. Yes! Love all black! You look great. It's been hot where I live and I'm Canadian so I miss the cold sometimes. It's so hard to wear all black when there are palm trees and sunlight until 8pm. All black is timeless!


  23. You look stunning babe.
    Love your black dress.

    Much Love,
    Zarrah | The Bandwagon Chic

  24. Very classy! U look so good- sexy legs, gorgeous hair and sexy eyes too. I love ur poses too. U know how to work that camera! ;) x x x

  25. You are right, black is the ultimate fashion statement. I love dressing black. Your look is amazing, you look great with this skirt.
    Thank you for your visit on my blog and for following it I also follow you on GFC, Google+ and ince I have Instagram, on Instagram too.
    Wish you a beautiful day!
    Flo from


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