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It started off as one of those days. We woke up, prayed, had breakfast, brushed our teeth and all whatnot. I wasn't expecting anything spectacular, to be honest, and it was really rien à signaler. But on my own, I began to reflect on the last year up until this moment. You know it seems like as you get older you really begin to appreciate life more. You find out that you have no fear anymore and you can speak and tell your truth. I really do have a lot to be thankful for. Here are a few :

Despite family tragedies, I'm still here
Despite sickness, I'm still here
Despite financial struggles, I'm still here
Despite my marriage almost ending up in a divorce, I'm still here. Let me tell you guys that one opened my eyes to really what marriages can be and what could go wrong if care isn't taken

If you'd like me to give a couple of pointers on that,  just put it in the comment section.

I'm really proud of the woman I'm becoming. It's been a long road getting here. I chose to fight, and I've promised never to give up not now, not ever.

For my outfit, I was really confused with the tulle skirt cos first of it wasn't the colour I thought it was. Do you remember the issue I told you about DH Gate? Well, that's exactly what happened here. I actually ordered the skirt in a nude, I got an ivory coloured skirt 😑😏. I then recalled I had these beautiful corsets I'd purchased but hadn't been able to wear due to weight issues. It really used to hurt but regardez moi aujourd'hui (hehehe) I'm having so much fun ain't I?
Anywho to continue, I wore it with this lovely laced corset which I bought from a friend about 3 years ago, then went in with these lovely pair of mules by ego official in a similar model and beige linen blazer just because.  Do leave some pixie dust before you go .......

Happy Wonderful birthday Chinyere @juliettsstyleglam

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  1. Wow ,wow, !!! Stunning look babe , happy belated birthday , looking at you ,you don't look like what you have been through , I tend to call them life lessons and they have a way of making one stronger. You look absolutely gorgeous in the dress and i love the black and white colour.

  2. You look fabulouse dear, I love this outfit :)