By juliettsstyleglam - July 03, 2019


I sure do hope you guys like what you see. How's the grind been? M-e-n yo girl has been having it pretty rough and in no small way.

I sure hope you are all doing great all the same despite the long absence. So here I am 5cm smaller/thinner, I don't bother with the scale anymore cos that thing can lie and I just don't need anything spoiling my mood. So I rely on my good old tape measure to handle statistics for me. Hehehe.

At this time my weight loss journey is the constant thing happening in my life right now that I'm in love with and at this time I'm not ready to let go of it if we don't count the pain and agony my coach has to put me through. I tell you that guy is the devil 😩😩😩 but I'd rather continue that way than allowing a coach cater to what I want because I said so.
So what do I enjoy so far since I started this weightless journey of mine; well, number one is the fact that I have to ginger myself every time I have to go to the gym.  I look forward to my music playlist and I splurged quite a tidy sum for the Sony MDR-ZX330BT earphones to deliver last Christmas. I feel I owe this to myself to pick myself up even when I'm not up to it with depression et al and tell myself, I have to do this and I CAN do this. I feel like I'm testing my resolve on my own, ( well let's not count the ice creams and pizzas on the side) 😋😋

Secondly, I feel like I can actually discipline myself. I think that's one of the hardest things we must do as individuals, setting your own guidelines for yourself and this is without prompt. I must be superwoman. Hahaha

Thirdly, I push myself every day to never give up. The last month I had to go through a round of circuits of burpees, sit-ups, planks and what have you, 3x/week. I almost gave up. I had to find my happy place with those exercises so as not to throw in the towel. Before I began, I had to mentally psyche myself at looking at the greater picture, then braced myself for the pain once I began then felt happy the minute it was over. OMG

Anyway, my life has been pretty eventful this couple of months, I lost two of my cousins very recently to the cold hands of death, both in very fatal circumstances which are super hard for me to accept and knowing I'd never see them again doesn't make it any easier. My baby is going to middle school come September yaaayyy !!!!!!!! and we are still alive to the glory of God.
This past couple of months have also taught me very serious lessons in saving and investing.
Really, not like I never knew but I just got carried away and kept projecting and believe me when the bank comes knocking, it's not pretty to look at or experience.

So to project this new found me, I pulled off this lovely turtle neck body con dress, just to flaunt (ya know) I snagged off DH Gate. Great place to buy stuff until you go back twice to the same vendor and then boom, they pull off the rug underneath your feet. I can't even explain the back and forth I went with those umu Chun Li. Nude Pumps by BCBG Maxazria, I umped the dress by adding organza flower appliqués entirely designed, cut and sewn by yours truly.

I am happy once again to blog and I hope to see each and every one of you like you'd never left. Social media has been pretty eventful too I must add; some happy and most sad and I pray that over time things change and we learn to have a little bit of humanity in us as we navigate the ocean of social media and let our conscience guide us at all times.

Love you all,


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