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Another week, another grind and that's why I chose this lovely chic and elegant outfit for the week.  You all know that when it blows hot, it's not much fun feeling stuffy with tight fitted clothes well except for swimsuits and there's barely anything covered right?

Hey, guys welcome back to my blog once more, how are you all doing this fine week.
So what if we decided to go business casual this week and what better style to put that in perspective than tapered pants and a loose shirt.

It is often hard to be able to decide how to swing in the fashion department for work especially when all you want to do is be as barely clothed as possible. You all know I've always had mad love for tapered pants be them in banana style or harem as long as they narrow down the knees and are a bit wide on the hips I'm always on board. They make the perfect fit for ladies who lack hips in the hips department, they can be dressed up or down and make the perfect outfit for work clothes without looking like you take yourself too seriously.

The possibilities are endless with the tapered pants in business casual as you could do sneakers and knits with them in the cold months. You could opt for strappy heels as well for that evening after work hours and a blazer. You could also wear it with a sleeveless tank top, lightly tucked in with pumps or strappy sandals, a purse and you're set for a brunch date in the summer. Like I said the possibilities with tapered pants are endless.

How do you prefer to style your tapered pants, business casual or laid back?

In my case since it was a workday, I decided to go with a black loose shirt which I found in the men's department at H&M. Yes, I do shop in the men's department, cos you just never know. The pants are from Zara and I'm so glad I got this one cos I wasn't sure it would be my size at all + my lovely yellow pumps from Burton of London 

I accessorized with grey & white clutch bag and jewelry of course made by yours truly from l'atelier de Juliet. Finish off with a pair of cat-eye sunglasses for that added va-va-voom.

So what do you all think? Don't fail to sprinkle some pixie dust before you go.

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  1. You look amazing

  2. This is really a perfect business outfit :)

    1. It definitely looks perfect how you styled your tapered pants. I love to wear such pants in different versions - but have also the opinion that such pants look especially with blouses so good! Thanks for the inspiration!
      xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  3. You're so stylish babe... great color combo!
    Kisses, Paola.


  4. This looks like a perfect pants for my work too, I like it that it comes from Zara.


  5. I adore tapered trousers and you've reminded me of that - I definitely don't wear them enough! You suit this chic look SO well; very flattering and sophisticated!

    aglassofice.com x

  6. I love this! The shade of your shoes, kind of in the beige shade, but not the same shade as your pants, is gjust genious. Very very lovely


  7. The pics are full of swag