This outfit had been featured sometime in the year, but I couldn't bring myself to blog the look nor the dress for lots of reasons. I was officially having one of those moments in my life that i just hated what I looked like. Don't get me wrong when you see me I come off all confident looking, a skill I've mastered over the years from being a lector in the church to being a consultant to businesses and language schools. Now this dress is my creation and nothing could have made me more proud than to flaunt it on the blog, but at the time I wore this outfit I couldn't zip up the dress even if I was deflated with whatever is used to deflate things. Yanno.

So I decided to re-do the shoot et voila !!!!. Like I said previously, the reason it was never posted on  the blog until now is because I've been pretty self conscious of my arms. They are massive and I love to flaunt myself in as little clothing as possible during the spring/summer, but because of how I feel about my arms, I always have to come up with creative ways of making them not seem obvious, birthing the creation of this beautiful lilac spring floral dress with an off-shoulder design.
So we could say my arms were the inspiration for this outfit. The peplum hemline is one trend that I want to maximise to the fullest. It is such a chic trend that can make you go from a 0-100 like in seconds. The style could easily be worn as a summer number in florals and bright colours to a work outfit in monochromes.

This is a style that you could play in so many ways in loose fitted dresses as seen by Victoria Beckham whom I adore and love to midi dresses pictured above.

                                       Which is your style

For me I find that peplum hemline dresses look better with pointed toe high heels while I would totally rock a lace peplum in high heeled strap sandals and for accessories, I would go with this clutch purse and suede pumps in green. And lastly jewellery from juliettsstyleglam in grey crystals and Affirmative rose gold mirrored sunglasses at a 20% discount with code "juliet"

                                 Do you like the peplum trend and why?

Here's sending some magic pixie dust your way,



  1. Love this colour and outfit You look gorgeous xoxo Cris

  2. Great outfit with this beautiful floral dress! Great colors as well!

  3. Such a lovely dress, beautiful color and romantic floral print!
    I love your makeup too!
    Kisses, Paola.


  4. You look positively radiant Juliett :) This lilac shade is my absolute fave right now (I'm even sporting a lavender manicure haha) and you wear the colour so well! Once again, I'm also in awe of your makeup skills; such stunning eye makeup, wow...

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice x

  5. le coloris de ton makeup est perfect sur toi!
    bisous Gina

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    F-Lover Fashion Blog by Gina Beltrami

  6. You look stunning in this dress.This shade look super good on you.

  7. Gosh your lilac eye make up is so amazing,
    love itso much. And how classy is your dress.
    It suits you perfectly.

    take a look at my Blog and my Instgram

  8. I love the print and the color of your dress and the style fits you so well !

  9. The dress is adorable! I like the print and the color!
    xx Elisa
    Francine's Place | DIY & Lifestyle Blog

  10. Wow, i'm love the way this dress looks on you , effortless and elegant at the same time,loving the subtle floral prints.

  11. Wow dear, you look gorgeous!!

  12. Dear Juliett, how good you finally posted this beautiful dress! And I definitely like your arms how they are and the peplum trend, too!
    xx Rena

  13. Juliett you lookAMAZING.
    I adore your eye make up and the dress. So perfect and eyecatchy.

    take a look at my Blog and my Instgram

  14. The print in this dress is really pretty. I like your glamourous make-up too. Have an awesome week dear!


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